Toying with Core Data in Swift

Did some playing with Core Data in Swift today. I rather like the results but I think there’s a lot more to be done around building a robust and idiomatic Query interface. Link to GitHub Gist (It is embedded on my blog after clicking through to the post page)  

Symbolicating iOS 8 Crash Logs

If you’re having crash logs come in via iTunes Connect or another service and having trouble symbolicating them, you’re not alone. I spent about an hour trying to coerce Xcode into showing me the location of a crash in my application code, but Xcode 5 is not able to symbolicate crashes from iOS 8 because […]

UIView with NIB loading and Auto Layout by Example

Added a couple repos to GitHub: Auto Layout by Example — an Xcode project that includes several views laid out via Auto Layout to demonstrate how to achieve some commonly sought after results. UIView+LENibLoading — A category on UIView and an accompanying subclass of UIView for loading views from a nib. Auto Layout has its quirks but […]

GitHub Header Implementation Switcher

I made a Google Chrome Extension for switching between header files and source/implementation files (for iOS: .h and .m, but also works with .mm, .c, and .cpp files) on using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Cmd+Up, like in Xcode. You can get the source here. In Chrome, go to chrome://extensions, press “Load unpacked extension…”, then select […]

Thoughts on Auto Layout

Over the past two weeks I’ve been working on an update to the Fitocracy application that involves a redesign of the Feed and Notifications interfaces. The previous version of these interfaces are built on top of Core Graphics, all of the drawing is done manually. At the time, these seemed like a good idea; we […]

Hola, Visitors!

Hello! This is my new website; I’m starting fresh this time around. There’s not much content yet, but you can still contact me if you’d like. Try Twitter or Email. In the mean time, enjoy a photo from my most recent vacation in Punta Cana. It was amazing. Now, that I’m back I haven’t felt […]