About Me

The Gist

My name is Julius – I’m a Software Developer located in Philadelphia, PA.

Day to day, I run a Software Development Company working with Universities. If you’ve got a larger project, we may be a fit.

I also build things on a freelance basis for companies and startups. My background is in Mobile App Development and API Design and Development. I’m a polyglot and regularly code in Objective-C, Python, Typescript, and R with a variety of frameworks and tools – whatever is the best for the job. Sometimes I work in Ruby and Swift, too. Django, DRF, Rails, Express.js, React, UIKit… you name it, I’ve probably built something with it.

And for everything else: I’m a quick learner.

About Me

I love to shoot pool and explore forests. I dig coffee and want to write screenplays for movies one day.

In the meantime, I write great code for great companies.

Let’s work together.


Julius Parishy c/o WeWork
1010 N. Hancock St
Philadelphia, PA 19123