Philadelphia, PA Freelance Programmer / Software Developer

I really love Philly. It's a fantastic city. I hope to be able to use my skills to improve the city over time -- here are some of my efforts towards doing so.

Like many cities today, Philadelphia has a problem with stolen packages outside of people's homes. There are a lot of people trying to tackle this problem in different ways -- I built to crowdsource stolen package information in real time in order to run analyses on the geospatial data. The application is built on React.js & MobX on the frontend and Flask & PostGIS on the backend.

I love Philadelphia and want to see the city improve for everyone. If you have ideas on how to expand on this project or want to collaborate, reach out:

Can I build something for you?

If you're a local Philadelphia business I'd love to work with you.
I build Apps and Backend APIs on a freelance basis and can even chat in person if you're in the city. Let's caht.


Julius Parishy c/o WeWork
1010 N. Hancock St
Philadelphia, PA 19123